Working With PPG

We work closely with our clients to obtain a deep understanding of their mission and goals. The end result is that PPG provides focused digital communications solutions for each of its clients. Our skill sets are broad but our public relations and communications support approach – from strategic planning through program implementation and reporting – is singularly focused to meet our clients’ needs, the needs of their customers and their stakeholders.

STEP 1 – Strategic Marcom Support Planning

PPG interactive services a wide range of businesses, organizations, institutions and associations. From startups to Fortune 500 companies, we begin with a strategic plan to meet your digital marketing and communications needs. Services include:

  • A marketing/communications plan
  • Develop a creative plan of action: a digital map
  • PR counseling & planning
  • Editorial calendars with dates & deadlines for program achievement

STEP 2 – Content Development & Implementation

We begin by developing a web portal site or blog to promote engagement with the customers and/or stakeholders you want to reach. Services include:

  • Development of a professional web portal site or blog featuring:
  • Original design & photography
  • Original feature articles & engaging stories
  • Original news sections
  • Original/professional video programming
  • Original/professional podcast programming

Implementation of social and digital media strategies – Initiatives include:

  • eNewsletters containing feature articles, photography, design, video and/or podcast programming linked to a web portal site or podcast – monthly or quarterly.
  • News release development and distribution using fully integrated PR software with a powerful database to reach key media stakeholders locally, regionally, across the U.S. and around the world.
  • Full social media services including implementation of channels and daily hands-on management.
  • SEO and digital marketing support.

STEP 3 – Measurement

Our digital communications services include the active monitoring of social media channels and the tracking of content pertaining to your specific interests.

Through social media engagement and monitoring, PPG Interactive provides insights into your brand’s overall visibility on the web. The customized measurement and reporting we do will allow you to see what campaigns, messages and information resonates with the audience you want to reach. Our measurement services helps to identify opportunities for engagement, information about competitor activities and allows you to stay informed about important trends.

PPG’s cross-functional team of marketing and communications experts includes writers, designers, project managers, digital marketing support, digital video producers, programmers and SEO professionals. We work from program planning through final executive to access information our clients need for the demonstrated growth of their business.

PPG uses a number of measurement strategies including media monitoring and impressions, website traffic analysis, content development and analysis, lead sourcing for sales support, social media engagement and marketing surveys. These measurement strategies and the one-on-one services our clients receive from our exceptional team of communications professionals allows us to effectively gage the impact of the PR campaigns and programs we produce. Results demonstrate that PPG’s digital outreach with PR support has a positive effect on business growth for all of our clients.

Your digital media campaign can be translated into just about any language by Global LT’s professional translation services team. PPG and Global LT help businesses to expand their global and regional reach through full digital engagement in more than 60 different languages.