About PPG

A Digital Creation Company

PPG Interactive is a digital communications company, providing original content to help businesses, organizations and institutions to maximize on-line reach to their intended audience.



We provide best in-class communications services to a wide range of clients – from Fortune 500 corporations to startups, non-profits, associations, organizations and educational institutions – PPG works with clients throughout the U.S. and around the world. We create compelling stories to help our clients engage with their customers and stakeholders.



We offer creative insight to our clients. PPG Interactive is composed of a team of digital communications professionals who have more than 30 years of experience in all major markets with traditional and digital communications including business-to-business communications services, public relations, news, broadcast, entertainment, advertising and promotions. We begin with a strategic plan for obtaining effective and sustainable outreach.


Impact Package

We provide hands-on senior-level experience. Clients receive project management support from experienced communications professionals who fully understand our customer’s objectives and goals. Projects are designed to support and enhance client marketing plans to maximize impact and engagement. We help companies to further define their strategic mission. Our creative team designs and implements all digital program initiatives and promotes them with consistent and professional social outreach.


Digital Media Tools

Our proven track record and extensive experience in digital media – video, podcast, writing, design, programming, social media outreach, SEO and advertising support creates a path to help businesses, associations, non-profits and educational institutions to tell their stories in creative and engaging formats. We help our clients form important relationships through consistent social media outreach and enhanced digital marketing support.


Kris Palmer, Owner & President, PPG Interactive Corporation

Kris has more than 35 years in writing, producing, television production, film, business communication services, public relations, strategic marcom planning, project management, advertising and promotions. She worked for a number of years as a writer and producer for NBC and CBS in Chicago, for an international public relations firm and in media relations for a Fortune 500 company also in Chicago. She later worked for NBC, ABC, HBO, Viacom, and for a number of entertainment/film studios, entertainment corporations and production companies in Los Angeles prior to launching Palmer Productions Group in Detroit.

Under Kris’ leadership, Palmer Productions Group provided more than 20 years of communications support services for automotive, manufacturing, healthcare, technology, retail, education, associations and non-profit organizations throughout the country and around the world. Clients included: AT&T, Procter & Gamble, Johnson & Johnson, General Motors, Ford Motor, Chrysler, UAW, Sun Microsystems, Target Corporation, Kaiser Permanente, Hospice Healthcare, MGM Grand, General Physics Corporation, International Copper Association, National Broadcasting Association, United Artists, J Walter Thompson Advertising, NGO renewable energy firms, educational institutions and more.

In 2004, Palmer Productions adopted the use of on-line media to provide digital support for clients. In 2006, Kris launched PPG Interactive Corporation servicing businesses and associations as they migrated to digital and social media platforms. PPG provides a wide range of communications and digital support services for global and startup businesses, from transportation to food, education to energy, and healthcare to technology. PPG works closely with its clients and their customers to increase awareness, engagement and action.

Kris has received numerous awards and recognition for her work on behalf of the clients she services. She was selected as an interviewer for Stephen Spielberg’s Shoah Visual History Foundation and taught writing courses at Loyola University in Chicago. Kris has a B.A. from Stephens College in Columbia, Missouri. She received a scholarship to pursue graduate studies in screenwriting and cinema at USC in Los Angeles.