The Power of Digital Communications

Richard Edelman’s family-owned firm Edelman has been recognized many years for its crisis public relations services. In a recent blog, Mr. Edelman says the former PR services agency has adopted a broader vision as a communications marketing firm.

According to Mr. Edelman, the Edelman firm’s growth and success is attributed to a strategy in which communications is seen as an equal partner to marketing, that corporate marketing and brand marketing are inherently linked and that the roles of the CCO and CMO are overlapping.

PPG Interactive recognizes and has embraced this trend as well. We also agree with Mr. Edelman’s recognition of the immense power of digital to organize communities of devoted consumers and followers who would be early adopters of new productions, trends and defenders in the event of reversals. As a former contractor to Edelman, the PR firm, I admire and respect the fact that Mr. Edelman has successfully guided his global company through many changes while remaining committed to its roots as a family-oriented company.

Edelman communications and marketing continues to advance growth with recent acquisitions that fill the marketing-service side with the corporate public affairs work they have long been known for providing across the U.S. and now around the world.