ContentOro: Rich Media for Marketers


Bob Chunn, founder and CEO of ContentOro at the July LA2M

I recently had the opportunity to hear Bob Chunn, founder and CEO of a company called “ContentOro” speak at the LA2M network meeting in Ann Arbor. For those not familiar with LA2M, it’s a marketing education forum held once month in downtown Ann Arbor for professionals working or interested in marketing and communications. Attendees have the opportunity to leave their screens for at least 60 minutes to meet face-to-face and learn about new businesses, applications and trends in marcom. Founder Derek Mehraban started the informal and fun gathering eight years ago. The LA2M lunch meetings are popular. Attendance continues to climb as marketing professionals listen to informative & timely marcom presentations while enjoying a relaxed lunch at Conor O’Neill’s restaurant and pub, followed by networking opportunities for those who are able to stick around after the presentation.

Bob Chunn was the presenter in July. Bob talked about original content and SEO (or search engine optimization). As a writer and producer of numerous television shows, documentaries, films, and business-to-business programs with early adoption and experience in digital marcom, I thought – “What’s Bob going to tell me about original content?” Well, Bob told me and all in attendance a lot of interesting things. I’ll try to be brief although that is not my original “content” style.

A former Senior Vice President of Borders Group, Inc., Bob has an impressive professional background in publishing and I would imagine books or “content.” He spoke about how marketers need to measure and define “success” with on-line outreach. According to Bob, the secret sauce is in the creation of “original content,” or in what we used to call “the written word.” But here’s the 21st century digital rub: original content is expensive and difficult to consistently and professionally produce for most organizations with websites that need daily or weekly updates. As a writer & digital adopter, I understand this dilemma but was not particularly sympathetic. So, I thought to myself, “Hire a professional writer!” Before that thought was fully formed, Bob elaborated: “How are most organizations – ranging from manufacturers to quilters – to develop the kind of rich media content needed to consistently attract customers and influencers?” Experienced free-lance writers are expensive and cannot necessarily commit to writing only one client’s web materials. While some writers have a wide range of expertise in a given area, like manufacturing or swimwear, others may not. The Problem: Marketers have a hard time finding writers who can develop the original content they are looking for. The solution is in a unique service provided by Bob’s new and innovative company called “ContentOro.”

What Does ContentOro Do?

ContentOro allows organizations from yoga studios to pet stores to access high-quality, original content that is authentic and relevant to an organization’s business, hobby, enterprise – or whatever it is they do. If you have a website in need of content, ContentOro can provide pages and pages of it. Not just any kind of content. Relevant content. Timely content. Content that is carefully vetted by a team of experts who have already written it and content that will help you reach your intended audience.

A case study on ContentOro’s website describes what they do. I’ll synopsize here. ContentOro profiles a customer called “StoryPatches” in one of their case study examples. StoryPatches is a business helping quilters to create innovative, customized labels for their quilts. The labels connect to a personal video, photo or audio message (or story) the quilter is able to create and share on the backside of their handiwork (i.e. their finished quilt). The goal is to tell quilters about this cool digital patch and to guide them in making one. Fresh, new content about quilting techniques, patterns and information about quilting tools was added to the new StoryPatches website. Working closely with their customer, ContentOro added more than 200 pages of engaging content for StoryPatches’ targeted audience. This allowed Storypatches to connect with millions of quilters who learned about the cool patch/story-telling service and helped StoryPatches grow their business.

In his talk, Bob also said that “ContentOro provides access to unique and professionally written content by authors who have an expertise in any subject that’s important to an organization’s customers.” This fresh and professionally-written content serves as a pipeline for effective on-line marketing campaigns, allowing individuals and businesses to actively engage with the audience they want to reach.

How Does ContentOro Do It?

According to Bob, there are millions of books produced each year containing a wide range of topics. ContentOro works closely with select publishers and is given permission to license written information for use on websites and other on-line venues. ContentOro transforms books into “kits of ready-made content” that is easily accessible for content marketers.

Content experts at ContentOro help customers identify the right pieces of content and to put them to use, including illustrations and photos. New content is quickly and easily integrated into the ContentOro client’s website and marketing materials so customers are able to engage with fresh and original information. Results are analyzed and new content needs defined so the information is consistently updated by ContentOro for their customers.

SEO Impact

During the Q&A session, Bob further noted that original, professional and timely content will advance search engine optimization, allowing organizations to reach their desired stakeholders. Additionally, he mentioned that search engines – particularly Google – will actively vet and care about the quality of original content on a website or blog. In turn, ContentOro helps its customers build a strong web presence and, in the end, to greatly expand their on-line marketing efforts. A win-win for all, even for the original content writing experts whose work ContentOro helps to properly vet and advance for companies, organizations and individuals throughout the world.